Friday, January 16, 2015


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I have such a love for places like Chinatown in San Francisco. The energy and life is abundant and inescapable. There are a million different stories waiting to be told at any given moment. I remember walking by this park and there were dozens of different groups of people gambling and playing card games. I had never seen anything like that before. It was so strange to have that realization, that something as insignificant as a lot of different people doing nothing other than just hanging out at a park and interacting with each other was unusual. Why is that such a unique sight to see? Why did this image stand out more than anything else that day? People don't hang out anymore. Everyone is so isolated from one another to the point where something like a community of people who hang out together is something almost unheard of.

Bangle set from Original Cowgirl Clothing. Follow on Instagram @originalcowgirlclothing
Booties - Michael by Michael Kors
Waxed Jeans - H&M
Cardigan and Turtleneck sweater - thrifted

Photos by Phillip Santos
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  1. Those boots are perfect <3 They look awesome with the cardigan too
    xx lizzie

  2. Your boots are killer! Absolutely love the look :)

  3. Awesome photos and lovely outfit


  4. Beautiful and stylish as always! I love your pants, such a lovely piece. Great combo and perfect sense of style!

  5. This looks great and you look gorgeous xx

  6. Hey,I'm your new ifb friend, I really like your blog , you really have a style!!!

    I'm following you now on all social medais , hope you will follow back...

  7. You know what, just yesterday a friend and I hit the city to a strip (once) famous for shopping and we were so surprised at how dead it was. No one was walking about and the ones that were happened to be solo and on phones. I guess by lunch it picked up but that had more to do with cafes (and Instagram opportunities) then anything else. It's kind of a sad sight really.


  8. Love this look dear! x


  9. Love the cardigan and you looking lovely as always!

  10. love your shoes
    you look so owesome in all post

  11. YES ! I was wondering where you where before I actually took the time to read haha I can't wait to come to travel up north to SanFran from LA now.