Friday, October 31, 2014

Exploring the City

 photo DS9C7361_zpsacbff691.jpg

I have fallen in love with San Francisco. The energy and life is everywhere. You can see the history in the old buildings, cracked pavements, and confusing streets. There is amazing food everywhere and you can usually see the ocean or the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

I live for discovering and experiencing new things. Right now I have so much to explore. I want to continue to explore this city and see all that it has to offer. I want to meet new people and understand their perspective, so I can broaden my own. Lastly, I want to learn more about myself.

The past two weeks I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Ning Jia. She is an amazing photographer with a great eye and artistic vision. I have had so much fun collaborating on projects with her. Be sure to follow her @nn_linda and check out her website

Jacket - hand-me-down from my Aunt Jandark
Turtleneck- vintage Banana Republic; amazing thrift store find
Jeans- H&M
Boots - Regina boots from Michael Kors
 photo DS9C7366_zps82dc0a2d.jpg  photo DS9C7372_zps21b7104c.jpg  photo DS9C7367_zps042ad1da.jpg

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LAFW Designer Feature: William Bradley by Rodney Jones and Brad Parnell

One show at LAFW everyone was buzzing about was William Bradley, a label designed by Brad Parnell and Rodney Jones. Their collection for Spring/Summer 2015 was a beautiful balance between strength and romanticism. It incorporated a mix of a structured silhouettes with pieces that used soft, flowy, and delicate fabrics.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brad and Rodney at the show and was able to ask them a little bit about their line. Rodney was even nice enough to follow up with me this morning and explain more in depth about what William Bradley represents and the source of inspiration behind this collection.

 photo 3William20Bradley20SS15-Look20Bookdragged2_zpsda8d5ef1.jpg
 While on a trip to the New York Metropolitan Museum, Brad became entranced with Picasso's painting The Blind Man's Meal. Feeling a deep connection to this particular work and the work from his Blue Period, it was decided they had found their inspiration for this collection. "We have always been drawn and influenced by art and art history. Picasso's work in particular was so relatable because you are able to witness the ups and downs of his life."

 photo 1William20Bradley20SS15-Look20Bookdragged_zpsf7086629.jpg

You can see the parallels the designers made between themselves and Picasso by the use of brushstroke and watercolor graphics, as well as the incorporation of a cotton canvas material into their clothing. "Our intention was to express the artist's day to day life in the studio, and the parallel between ourselves and that of the painter."
 photo 4William20Bradley20SS15-Look20Bookdragged3_zpseef9f011.jpg

Only all natural fibers were used in their clothing: cotton, silk, cotton canvas, silk faille, tool, and feathers. There was an intentional mixture of the strong fabrics with the delicate and light, as to correlate the two ideas of strength and romanticism together. This collection was intended to be a representation of strength, as this is one of the defining qualities of the William Bradley woman. "She is fashion forward, independent and carries herself with confidence and grace."

You can purchase pieces and view their lookbook on their website,

 photo 2William20Bradley20SS15-Look20Bookdragged1_zps868c7939.jpg

Pictures below shot by Hagop Kalaidjian Follow @hagopphoto on insta
 photo williambradleyss15-3_zps40fd93f9.jpg

 photo williambradleyss15-7_zpsb9c83484.jpg

 photo williambradleyss15-4_zpsd4819d75.jpg

Saturday, October 18, 2014

LAFW Designer Feature: Stella Proseyn by Debbie Talanian

Last week I had the amazing privilege of attending Los Angeles Fashion Week at Maker City LA. There were so many lovely shows, however only a few stood out in my mind as having clothes I would kill to wear every day. One collection I was really excited about seeing was Stella Proseyn by Debbie Talanian. The collection featured so many of my favorite trends and elements of the moment: metallic, sheer tops, water color print, and a modern minimalist aesthetic. So many of the pieces were incredibly versatile. For example, the metallic sleeveless top could be worn casually with a pair of navy jeans or as it was shown on the runway; dressed up with a fitted skirt.

After the show I even got to meet Debbie and exchange information. She was nice enough to answer a few questions I had. Be sure to peep my interview with her below.

Follow Stella Proseyn on instagram @stellaproseyn!

 photo FITZ23RunwayStellaProseynSS15_ChrisFitzgerald_zpsa9a89729.jpeg

Noosh: How long have you been designing and what made you want to be a designer?

Debbie: I started Stella Proseyn two years ago, after working as an assistant to another designer for a few years. Fashion has long been a fascination, from my early childhood through today. I love the transformative power of dressing, the way clothing can help you embody the traits and attitudes you wish to project. It’s a silent way of saying who you are.

N: I loved the use of metallics, mesh and watercolor print. What was the inspiration behind this collection? 

D: All Stella Proseyn collections tend toward a streamlined, minimal aesthetic. We like to let fabrics – whatever we’re drawn to in the early design stages of each season – influence our decisions about shape and silhouette. For Spring 2015 we embraced reflected light, realized in the sheen of metallic threads and foil. We also incorporated a diffused, watery print, a cotton mesh and a highly textured rayon for their properties of lightness and movement.

 photo BRAD_MG_84972_zps91c2fc77.jpeg

N: Do you look to any designers and/or artists for inspiration?

D: I appreciate art and design in all forms, my favorite daily enjoyments include architecture, film, photography, music, painting, landscapes, food and, of course, fashion. I find that being aware of anything done really well informs my design process continually.  

 photo SS15StellaProseyn81_zpsed1312bf.jpeg  

N: What fabrics did you incorporate?

D: There is a range of content is this season’s textiles, included are silk, Lurex, linen, foil, cotton and rayon.

 photo SS15StellaProseyn32_zps93f7c531.jpeg  

N: Where can people purchase your clothing?

D: Stella Proseyn is available at Myrtle, Undesigned, Weltenbuerger and CAFAM, all in Los Angeles. We are coming soon to Riley & Coco.

 photo SS15StellaProseyn121_zps3413f84a.jpeg

 N: What is your favorite item or look from this collection? Why is it your favorite?

D: Favorites are hard, but I’ll focus on a few Spring 2015 pieces I think are exceptional: the Char Dress in foiled linen, the Cara Jacket in anthracite/gunmetal metallic and the Addie Skirt in textured cotton-rayon. These pieces encompass a range of cuts but maintain the clean lines and ease of wear that Stella Proseyn does so well.

 photo 2014-10-18 08.39.00 3_zpssnnkgky6.jpg
(photo by Ray Gene of Strait Laced Blog)
 photo 2014-10-18 08.40.23 3_zpsecgapzsk.jpg
(photo by Ray Gene of Strait Laced Blog)
 photo 2014-10-18 08.49.19 1_zpsxb8nawth.jpg
(photo by Ray Gene of Strait Laced Blog)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Celeb Style: Rosie Huntington Whiteley

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So her movie career never took off, and she hasn't been in the major spotlight since but Rosie Huntington Whiteley is that girl that I look at and think, "Damn, please share your life with me".  Whether it be to a new event, walking through the airport, or vacationing with her super hot movie star boyfriend; it seems like she has it all and is always on the go to somewhere fabulous.

After typing her name into tumblr and pinterest for about the thousandth time, I feel as though I pretty much have her style down to a science. If there was a venn diagram of rock n' roll chic, boho, and typical LA girl style, Rosie would be standing smack dab in the center. Her style epitomizes the concept of not trying too hard but still looking perfect. She can usually be seen wearing a fedora hat, aviator sunglasses, and a designer blazer, jacket or sweater.

What do you think of Rosie's style? Which supermodels are your style icons?

 photo RHWoutfit_zps87acaead.jpg
Fall Flower Tee- Free People $68
Fedora Hat - Forever21 $15
Houndstooth Cardigan - Otte New York $300
Black Peeptoe Bootie - Vince Camuto $159
Black Moto Jeans - Topshop $75
Two-tone Leather Shoulder Bag - Saint Laurent $1690

 photo 20141014_225810_zpsvydbyqp9.jpg  photo 20141014_225907_zpszbt8l5f4.jpg  photo 20141014_230145_zpsqgzor42l.jpg  photo 20141014_225653_zpshhzhq0es.jpg

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Start of a New Adventure

 photo 89000018_zpsd37fe963.jpg
I have envisioned moving out on my own and away from my home for the past two years and it has finally become a reality for me. It's one of the biggest things I have ever accomplished in my life. While it is very frightening to move to a new city where I know very few people, I take each day as an adventure and a step towards making my dreams a reality. I have been living in the San Francisco Bay area for about a month now and this feels like one of the most exciting times in my life. Each day is a constant reminder that the possibilities are limitless here.

One of my goals is to create an impressive portfolio of fashion photography and have my work published in several San Francisco and Los Angeles based magazines. Ultimately, I want to be a creative director one day. I want to be the one who envisions and executes the themes, concepts and fine details of fashion photography by assembling and directing highly talented artists and professionals.

These photos were taken on a random day while exploring San Francisco with my amazingly talented photographer friend, Kevin Figueroa; check out his work on Espumosofigueroa. The vintage motorcycle jacket I am wearing is one of my favorite new additions to my wardrobe. I originally bought it from Misc. Trading Co for the "Courage and Strength" motorcycle shoot. I have been anxiously anticipating any cool breeze in the hopes of being able to rock it myself. The artwork on this jacket has such a vintage rock n roll, bad ass vibe that I can't help but feel invincible while wearing it.

Wishing everyone the best on their own adventures.

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 photo 89000024_zpse61f7137.jpg
 photo 89000022_zps8eb89c9e.jpg
 photo 89000020_zps83120827.jpg
 photo 89000035_1_zpse71c4c1b.jpg
 photo 89000017_zpsba2d8c84.jpg

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fashion Week: Paris Recap

 A truly exciting month of Fashion Week has finally ended and with it I can't help but being slightly heart broken. The anticipation of seeing the latest collections and creations each day was often a highlight of my daily routine. Here is the last and final recap of the spring and summer runways. Like my previous recaps, this is a collective list of my favorite shows. Paris had some of the most visionary and creative collections. The 60's style, sportswear, and metallic trends continued on strongly in Paris, yet I didn't find myself noticing as much repetition this week as I did from New York and Milan.

Which collections were your favorite? What trends are you excited about?

 photo 20141002_074808_zpswgxm6xtw.jpg
Alexander McQueenn
 photo 20141002_074642_zpsmicrnspc.jpg
Elie Saab  photo 20140929_225113_zpsw6bivkhd.jpg
Miu Miu
 photo 20141002_075034_zpskkigxz0s.jpg
Louis Vuitton
 photo 20141002_075012_zpsn9u25fvm.jpg
 photo 20141002_074838_zpsh1zcttxh.jpg
Paul and Joe
 photo 20141002_074737_zpsddgus1ci.jpg
 photo 20140929_224953_zpseu5cv5kn.jpg
 photo 20140929_225830_zpsxfdhrv74.jpg
Viktor & Rolf
 photo 20140929_225804_zpsiuxd1xql.jpg
 photo 20140929_225026_zpswozqpmqz.jpg
Stella McCartney
 photo 20140929_225730_zps6kjhenkw.jpg
Saint Laurent
 photo 20140929_225704_zpsohgbqs8o.jpg
 photo 20140929_225627_zpsl64pns0t.jpg
Maxime Simoens
 photo 20140929_225605_zpsoset0jqy.jpg
Maison Martin Margiela
 photo 20140929_225534_zpsm2l7yofk.jpg
 photo 20140929_225500_zpsgkgmu1xx.jpg
 photo 20140929_224812_zpsanjq34lk.jpg
 photo 20140929_224744_zps8wdn5bqc.jpg
 photo 20140929_225426_zpsfkrzp641.jpg
 photo 20140929_225140_zpsi9tu8lmd.jpg
Acne Studios
 photo 20140929_215713_zpsccfjjudr.jpg