Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Crossing the Tracks

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As one of the last posts from my hometown, I find it to be a weird coincidence that I decided to shoot by these specific train tracks. In a weird way, these train tracks have come to mean so much to me, and are oddly one of my favorite things about my hometown. I passed these tracks every day on my way to and from school for six years. I remember the early morning bus rides at 7 am as the sun was awakening the sky. I would often be forced to sit aisle row, crammed three or four people to a seat, with maybe 5 inches of my butt actually sitting down. As I squatted and wrestled for my 5 inches of space for 30 minutes, my headphones and music were the only thing to help me ignore the discomfort of the situation. Looking out the windows as we drove down Ventura street from downtown to the west side of Fresno, there wasn't much else to see other than car lots, homeless people, liquor stores, and a Smart and Final. The train tracks were always what I looked forward to seeing every morning. Besides the tracks being a visible sign that the bus ride from hell would soon be over, I loved getting lost in the spaciousness of this dry and empty strip of land that looked to go on for forever. For some reason or another, the seagulls always linger over the tracks in the mornings, flying back and forth just as the sky fades from pink to a pale blue. I always imagined this being like a scene from a John Steinbeck novel.

While this year has been focused on solely getting out of my hometown, I don't hate it. In fact, I genuinely have so much love for everything that it is; good and bad. It's no where near being the best city in America, but I will always have warm feelings in my heart for all that it is. There is a secret and hidden beauty about it that most are too blind to see.  Within these beautiful little nooks and crannies, a wild sense of adventure was sparked within me and I have since never looked back. This city has nurtured me and shown me so much love, while also making me hungry for a life far beyond anything it could ever offer me. These tracks are very much apart of the hidden beauty of Fresno that few will ever know or understand, but that I will carry with me forever.

Photos by the lovely Wendie Cusator. Follow her at @cusatorphotography

Sun Necklace - Alien Girl Jewelry
Dress - Foreign Exchange
Boots - MICHAEL Michael Kors
Sunglasses - Wendie's signature glasses
Hat - from the deep, dark depths of the trunk of my car
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