Friday, August 15, 2014

A World of Their Own

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They only had each other. Disappointed and let down by the rest of the world, they found solace in knowing there was at least one other human being they could trust. The real world made no sense to them anymore; it was as though everyone was in an endless rat race to nowhere. To these two sisters, it was all apart of a trivial reality they found to be irrelevant to their own. While everyone else was fighting and competing for all the things they did not have, these sisters were happy living with what little they did. 

It seemed as though everyone else had forgotten how the simplest of things could bring the most joy. All of their friends were now caught up in their jobs and school and worrying about making plans for the future. Time just wasn't the same anymore. Time was always being rushed, and ideas they didn't value were being forced upon them. As a result, they decided to create a world of their own.

 In their world, time stood still and money didn't exist; all there was was love, the sun, the moon and stars.  They didn't care about traveling the world one day or experiencing much else beyond their home and the garden that lay behind it. To the rest of the world they seemed to lack ambition; however, truth and harmony were all that mattered and therefore, all they sought after. To them, the entire universe could be found at any moment. The universe lived inside their hearts and minds, and to know and understand it was all they wanted from life.

Photography by Wendie Cusator. @cusatorphotography

Makeup by Cynthia Alvia. @CIAmakeup

Miya Jane @milesjane
Fabiola Sahagun @fabburnit

Clothes contributed by Misc. Trading Co. @misctradingco
Jewelry contributed by Alien Girl Jewelry  @aliengirl__

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