Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Courage & Strength

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Courage can make up for confidence lost. People often mistake a stern voice, a strong posture and a decided mind as strength, yet these are the attributes of confidence and not necessarily strength. True strength is made up of courage, self-sustenance, and a high capacity for empathy and compassion. Take risks, live each moment to the fullest, and try not to worry what the future holds. You can't make mistakes if you become something more from them. Set out and set forth on the adventure which is life.

Jacket and Shorts from Misc. Trading Co in Downtown Fresno. Follow @misctradingco

Photography by Wendie Cusator. @cusatorphotography

Makeup by Cynthia Alvia. @CIAmakeup

Miya Jane @milesjane

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Friday, August 15, 2014

A World of Their Own

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They only had each other. Disappointed and let down by the rest of the world, they found solace in knowing there was at least one other human being they could trust. The real world made no sense to them anymore; it was as though everyone was in an endless rat race to nowhere. To these two sisters, it was all apart of a trivial reality they found to be irrelevant to their own. While everyone else was fighting and competing for all the things they did not have, these sisters were happy living with what little they did. 

It seemed as though everyone else had forgotten how the simplest of things could bring the most joy. All of their friends were now caught up in their jobs and school and worrying about making plans for the future. Time just wasn't the same anymore. Time was always being rushed, and ideas they didn't value were being forced upon them. As a result, they decided to create a world of their own.

 In their world, time stood still and money didn't exist; all there was was love, the sun, the moon and stars.  They didn't care about traveling the world one day or experiencing much else beyond their home and the garden that lay behind it. To the rest of the world they seemed to lack ambition; however, truth and harmony were all that mattered and therefore, all they sought after. To them, the entire universe could be found at any moment. The universe lived inside their hearts and minds, and to know and understand it was all they wanted from life.

Photography by Wendie Cusator. @cusatorphotography

Makeup by Cynthia Alvia. @CIAmakeup

Miya Jane @milesjane
Fabiola Sahagun @fabburnit

Clothes contributed by Misc. Trading Co. @misctradingco
Jewelry contributed by Alien Girl Jewelry  @aliengirl__

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What to Buy for Back To School

  School is right around the corner, if not already here. The ultimate goal when shopping for school is always to get the most out of your money. You can do this by purchasing key wardrobe pieces that can be mixed and matched together with your already existing spring and summer wardrobe. Also keep in mind, the hot summer days are only going to be for a few more weeks, while fall and winter are not too far ahead. It's a good idea to stock up on warmer clothes before hibernation season kicks in and you are left with nothing else except last year's old sweatshirt and some Ugg boots.

Sweaters and Jackets

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I understand it is really hot right now, but trust me, you will thank yourself later when it begins to get a little cooler and you can start layering your summer wardrobe with one of these cute cardigans or sweaters. I always buy my oversized sweaters from H&M. The quality is pretty decent, they are really comfortable and it's an item that makes getting dressed very simple. The cardigans and jackets are great for styling with just about anything from mini dresses, graphic tees, jeans, button down shirts, or simple tanks. I am particularly really loving this black leather jacket from Zara. While most leather jackets tend to go for a moto style, I love the way this one hits right above the hips and has that 90's tomboy attitude I am really loving right now. Also, the military trend is huge this fall and an olive green military jacket is a great alternative to a leather jacket.

 Oversized Sweaters - H&M, $20
Cardigans - Topshop, both on sale for $24
Leather Jacket - Zara, $200
Military Jacket - Gap, $88


Bags and Backpacks

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The bag or backpack you carry can really make all the difference. Just like an everyday purse, choose a neutral piece that will compliment anything you decide to wear. As far as functionality, I highly recommend a bag that is lightweight and versatile and can be worn over the shoulder or across your body. Even though I added this Alexander McQueen backpack, your school bag shouldn't cost a lot of money, because it will most likely be getting thrown around and beaten up. The Alexander McQueen bag is ridiculously expensive, but I thought it was just too cool to leave out, and I am sure there are knockoffs or look-a-likes somewhere with a reasonable price for school purposes. 

Animal Print Backpack - Nordstrom, $58 
Perforated Shopper Bag - Zara, $79
Black Studded Leather Bag - ASOS, $126
Skull Embellished Leather Backpack - Alexander McQueen at
Denim Bag - Nastygal, $85 


Jeans and Dresses

 photo btspantsdresses_zps48e979e7.jpg
These two pairs of jeans are all you really need. The dark indigo jeggings provide for a more sophisticated look and are a wardrobe necessity that can be worn with just about anything, but look particularly great with more polished tops such as a chiffon blouse. The frayed and distressed skinny jeans are perfect for casual and laidback days, and frayed hems are really trendy at the moment. In addition, I think it is really important to have a cute and simple mini dress to transition from summer to fall. This dress can be worn on its own on hot summer days, or paired with a long cardigan, an over-sized jacket, or a parka as the weather cools down.

Dark Indigo Jeggings - American Eagle Outfitters, on sale right now for $30
Low Rise Skinny Jeans - Zara, $60
Patterned Dress - H&M, $18


 photo btsshoes_zpsf3683931.jpg
These are pretty much the only four pairs of shoes I need for school. They are all interchangeable with one another, and are pieces that are versatile and easily styled with a wide variety of clothing. You can wear either of these shoes with your skinny jeans, cropped cigarette jeans, mini dresses, shorts or skirts. Each pair has a unique style and attitude of its own. The combat boots are edgy, the sandals are simple and trendy, the ankle boots are classic, and the sneakers are sporty. Each pair is interchangeable with the next, yet will contribute a completely different attitude and look to the same outfit.

Animalia Combat Boot - Valentino at
White Platform Sandals - $40
Adidas Superstar 2 Sneaker - $75
Ankle Bootie - Sam Edelman at Nordstrom, $160

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Crossing the Tracks

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As one of the last posts from my hometown, I find it to be a weird coincidence that I decided to shoot by these specific train tracks. In a weird way, these train tracks have come to mean so much to me, and are oddly one of my favorite things about my hometown. I passed these tracks every day on my way to and from school for six years. I remember the early morning bus rides at 7 am as the sun was awakening the sky. I would often be forced to sit aisle row, crammed three or four people to a seat, with maybe 5 inches of my butt actually sitting down. As I squatted and wrestled for my 5 inches of space for 30 minutes, my headphones and music were the only thing to help me ignore the discomfort of the situation. Looking out the windows as we drove down Ventura street from downtown to the west side of Fresno, there wasn't much else to see other than car lots, homeless people, liquor stores, and a Smart and Final. The train tracks were always what I looked forward to seeing every morning. Besides the tracks being a visible sign that the bus ride from hell would soon be over, I loved getting lost in the spaciousness of this dry and empty strip of land that looked to go on for forever. For some reason or another, the seagulls always linger over the tracks in the mornings, flying back and forth just as the sky fades from pink to a pale blue. I always imagined this being like a scene from a John Steinbeck novel.

While this year has been focused on solely getting out of my hometown, I don't hate it. In fact, I genuinely have so much love for everything that it is; good and bad. It's no where near being the best city in America, but I will always have warm feelings in my heart for all that it is. There is a secret and hidden beauty about it that most are too blind to see.  Within these beautiful little nooks and crannies, a wild sense of adventure was sparked within me and I have since never looked back. This city has nurtured me and shown me so much love, while also making me hungry for a life far beyond anything it could ever offer me. These tracks are very much apart of the hidden beauty of Fresno that few will ever know or understand, but that I will carry with me forever.

Photos by the lovely Wendie Cusator. Follow her at @cusatorphotography

Sun Necklace - Alien Girl Jewelry
Dress - Foreign Exchange
Boots - MICHAEL Michael Kors
Sunglasses - Wendie's signature glasses
Hat - from the deep, dark depths of the trunk of my car
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