Monday, July 28, 2014

Outfit of the Day: High Fashion Goth

 photo goth_zpsb69a2ef3.jpg
Angry Bunny Sweatshirt - McQ Alexander McQueen $255
Leather Shorts - $88
Vintage Hermes Choker Necklace - $7,500
Nail Nail Ring - Bloody Fabulous $8
Glasses - Karl Lagerfeld $228
Tights - ASOS $15
Bootie - Alaia $2,000

Who says goth can't be high fashion and glamorous? I think a lot of people have it misconstrued. Black and other dark colors provide the perfect backdrop to show off flashy accessories. I am all about mixing looks and styles together to create one that is a perfect combo of the two. I never like going too far one way, especially for a dramatic and dark look like goth. Goth, in particular, is such a fun look to do, but I think going too far to the dark side is a bit of a misrepresentation of myself and most other people. Throwing in the vintage Hermes choker and Karl Lagerfeld glasses keep with the theme of the outfit while also adding a bit of polished sophistication as well. To tone down the look even more, replace the the patent leather, sky high, platform booties with a sweet and feminine flat or a simple pair of Converse sneakers.


  1. The 14 year old goth within me would love this, well actually the current me loves this! Those shoes are sooooo lush!


  2. It would be an amazing outfit. Loving the shoes, wow!