Friday, June 13, 2014

The Positive Realm

 photo _AYF7896_zps528ae0c2.jpg

What is the significance of keeping a positive mind? To many it may seem trivial, as they already have a million other concerns. The state of your mind is, however, the most relevant factor to anything in which you do. The health and nourishment of your mind is vital to any kind of prosperity, in addition to your general well being. When I say 'positive', this does not mean you must be ecstatic and overjoyed with love for the world at all times; it is healthy to occasionally feel upset and angry. When we think positively, we empower ourselves to take control of our lives. When we empower ourselves, we are no longer allowing life to happen to us; instead we are taking control of life and making it work in a way which best benefits us. When someone says something unkind to me, it is my decision if I allow it to affect me. It is my decision if my thoughts wander off and worry about silly little things. We can choose to focus and interpret the many scenarios and challenges of our everyday life in a way that will either benefit or harm us. When I allow something to anger me or upset me, I am allowing it to weaken me. I am giving up my power to something that is unworthy by focusing my energy and thoughts towards that which does not benefit me and instead brings me down. Why give anything or anyone that sort of power? Some things really are out of our control but by remaining positive and unaffected, we gain back all the control we thought we lost. The true power lays within you. You are the creator of your world.

Crop top - thrifted
Skirt - Forever21
Bracelet - The Laundry Room
Hat - a spontaneous and inspired selection from Bryan's car

Photo credit:
Bryan Ocegueda. Instagram @bry_nn & Tumblr
Kevin Figueroa. &

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  1. So super pretty!

  2. Love this look

  3. Amazing photos - you look amazing as always! xx

  4. Love this look! It's very bohemian chic!