Friday, June 6, 2014

Letting Go

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You can't force life to be a certain way. Accepting life for what it is and trusting that everything will work out for the best is really all you can do. By keeping your mind focused on what you want, that which you want will come to you. Imagine yourself standing a few feet away from the edge of a cliff in a dry and barren land, and you are holding onto a rope that is attached to a gigantic rock which is hanging off the cliff. You are trying to take this rock with you along a journey to the green and abundant land in the far yet, visible distance, and so you are pulling this rock with all of the strength inside your body. All while having your eyes set on the destination ahead of you, you are struggling and sweating; your mind is entirely focused on getting this rock over and onto land. The reality of the situation is that you may or may not get this rock over the edge. Either you are able to pull the rock over and drag it for some distance or the rock will pull you over the cliff along with it. Either way, at what point do you decide to let it go? At what point do you realize how irrational it is to carry a giant boulder through a desert when you need to go to green land? I have made a conscious decision to trust the universe and thus, I have let go. I have let go and subsequently, everything has crashed. I dropped all that I was holding onto and I have watched it shatter before me. I am free and while I may not have what I worked so hard to carry with me, I realize the effort wasn't worth the outcome. I am my greatest and most valuable asset, and therefore, I don't wish to control my surroundings and I don't wish to attach myself to anything that will not propel me forward. I just want to be taken to wherever it is that I am meant to go. I trust my fate and I trust myself and that is all I need.

Bob Marley Tee and Denim Shorts - from Misc. Trading Co. in Downtown Fresno, CA
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Denim Jacket - thrifted
Booties - MICHAEL Michael Kors
Belt -

Photo credit - Gary Magill. Follow him @gares and
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  1. Sounds like we're on the same brain wave. And you look great! Love the booties!