Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gary's Film Photographs

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I love these extra photos that Gary took with an old 1960's film camera from a few shoots we did together. Beyond it's vintage and faded appearance, film has a special unique quality about it that digital photography can't capture. While, with digital photography you can take an infinite amount of photos in order to get that perfect shot, with film, however, every photo counts. When shooting with digital cameras, the pace is faster and the general attitude is so much more carefree; when we used the film camera we had to be so much more careful. Every photo was taken with these feelings of uncertainty and so we compensated by trying to be more aware of everything that was going on. Unlike with digital photography, there is no instant gratification, and so you are left with these feelings of anxiety and eagerness. When I finally saw the finished product, I realized that we may not have gotten the perfect shot but it was just still so much more rewarding because I valued these photographs more. It inspires me to really pursue and look forward to the outcome of the long haul, because those become the things you value most.

It has been almost four months since I started this blog and I have truly been loving every minute of it. I remember wanting to do this for so long and just not being in the right situation to do so. I would daydream all the time to the point where I was restless. I would think about how I wanted to go about writing my blog, the sort of content I would have and where I wanted it to take me as a person who is wishing to pursue a creative career. In only such a short amount of time I feel as though I have already seen more creative growth in my writing and style, and then to be able to regularly document that each week is so fulfilling. It's only been four months and I already see all the many great opportunities this venture has brought me and there are still so many to come. My feelings towards my blog are similar to how I felt while waiting to see the results of the film photographs; I am anxiously and eagerly waiting to see what will happen. I am in this for the long haul.

Photos by Gary Magill. Follow him @gares and gares.tumblr.com
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  1. Gorgeous Model and stunning photos!

  2. These pictures are so beautiful! And it's good to hear from another new blogger! I started about eight months ago and I'm still loving every minute of it.

  3. I adore film photography,
    And you look so soft and boho chic on the last two shots!

    Olya || TLV BIRDIE Blog

  4. These photos are stunning I especially love the lighting on the last picture. I agree that film photography is more special. I used to love waiting for my photos to be printed so I could see how all my photos had turned out. Digital cameras also hinder me from making as many photo albums as I'd like which is a shame :(

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx