Saturday, June 28, 2014

Creating Your Personal Style

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Getting dressed every morning is my own little, daily personal celebration of who I am. My clothes allow me to identify myself and explore different facets of my personality and identity. As someone who is always transforming and growing, I feel as though my outward appearance is a way to distinguish myself, not just from others, but from the person I have been. I don't mean to say I am someone new from who I once was, because that is not possible. I will always be me, imperfectly beautiful, and I don't want to be anything or anyone else. I am growing, but I can never outgrow myself and I can never become someone else, but I can transform and become a better version of who I am. There are certain things I come across, ever so often, that I am drawn to, because in some way, shape or form I identify with it. It could be anything from clothes, art, a movie, music, a book, or something as insignificant as my favorite chapstick from when I was a kid. That which I love and helps me to identify and appreciate myself will always be apart of me, and apart of my style.

Growing up, I was always a little bit of a tomboy. When I was six years old, I loved wearing jeans and my Vans sneakers, my favorite color was black, and I competed with the boys at everything. I carried a notebook or journal with me everywhere so I could scribble down my thoughts, write stories and draw. I listened to pop, hip hop and R&B with my friends at school, and then alternative rock at home with my mom. I was outgoing, fearless and carefree, yet occasionally shy, awkward and reserved. The crazy thing is, that I am the same exact person I was when I was six years old. I like a lot of same things, and I do a lot of the same things. I have grown and progressed, but the way I feel inside has remained the same.

This outfit, for example, is the epitome of what I would consider my personal style. It's a mix between being grown and sophisticated and my young tomboy self that doesn't care too much about anything. The cream turtleneck, gold watch, and gold chain are the adult side of me that aspires to have nice things and appreciates classic simplicity, while the shorts are very laidback and carefree, the jacket is more masculine and sporty, and the shoes are just super funky fun and different. All of these pieces speak to me individually and represent a part of who I am, and finding a way to mix them all together to form one whole look is the definition of creating my own personal style. When an outfit best represents me, I feel more confident and more comfortable going about my day. I think an important part of developing your personal style is just being in tune with yourself and who you are, and at the same time, not being afraid to go a little outside your comfort zone. We are all beautiful, unique individuals with great strengths and attributes; don't be afraid to show off who you are to the world. Your personal style is a way to take pride in everything that you are.

Jacket and Turtleneck - thrifted
Shoes - Donald Pliner
Watch - Michael Kors
Shorts - Oh La La

Photo Cred: Don V. Dizon. Follow on facebook and instagram

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gary's Film Photographs

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I love these extra photos that Gary took with an old 1960's film camera from a few shoots we did together. Beyond it's vintage and faded appearance, film has a special unique quality about it that digital photography can't capture. While, with digital photography you can take an infinite amount of photos in order to get that perfect shot, with film, however, every photo counts. When shooting with digital cameras, the pace is faster and the general attitude is so much more carefree; when we used the film camera we had to be so much more careful. Every photo was taken with these feelings of uncertainty and so we compensated by trying to be more aware of everything that was going on. Unlike with digital photography, there is no instant gratification, and so you are left with these feelings of anxiety and eagerness. When I finally saw the finished product, I realized that we may not have gotten the perfect shot but it was just still so much more rewarding because I valued these photographs more. It inspires me to really pursue and look forward to the outcome of the long haul, because those become the things you value most.

It has been almost four months since I started this blog and I have truly been loving every minute of it. I remember wanting to do this for so long and just not being in the right situation to do so. I would daydream all the time to the point where I was restless. I would think about how I wanted to go about writing my blog, the sort of content I would have and where I wanted it to take me as a person who is wishing to pursue a creative career. In only such a short amount of time I feel as though I have already seen more creative growth in my writing and style, and then to be able to regularly document that each week is so fulfilling. It's only been four months and I already see all the many great opportunities this venture has brought me and there are still so many to come. My feelings towards my blog are similar to how I felt while waiting to see the results of the film photographs; I am anxiously and eagerly waiting to see what will happen. I am in this for the long haul.

Photos by Gary Magill. Follow him @gares and
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Versace Dreams

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This post is going to be a little different from the usual. I wanted to try something new and do my own version of one of fashion's most iconic looks, Versace from the early 90's. It all started when I found this amazing top from H&M and decided to run with it. Next thing I know, fate hit me as I was casually browsing Forever21 and this red leather skirt laid hidden in the corner of my eye. I personally love this look and it is one that is so iconic, not only for the Versace brand, but for fashion, especially early 90's fashion. It's suggestive, shocking and completely demands your attention, yet somehow is still incredibly luxurious. Over the years the label has transformed and reincarnated this look over and over again. Today, it is not uncommon to see celebrities wearing Versace on the red carpet or in magazines. It is one of the most iconic and sought after brands and this look has a great deal to do with why the label remains the powerhouse it is today.

Photo by: Don V. Dizon. Follow on facebook and instagram

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Outfits For My Summer Bucket List

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Summer is such a special time; the most memories are made and a new sporadic adventure could happen at any time. Yes, the heat is grueling and sometimes I fear leaving the confides of my air conditioned home before 6pm, but a little dehydration and a few sunburns are more than worth the endless fun times to be had. I don't think I ask too much from my summer; after all, there are only three events on my bucket list.

Sweater -
Boyfriend Jeans - Forever21
Backpack - Free People
Sandals - Birkenstocks

Beach Vacation
Swimsuit - Mary Katrantzou
Sunglasses - Westward Leaning
Flip Flops - Rue21
Wicker Picnic Bag - Dirdy Birdies Vintage

Music Festival
Aqua Halter Top - Forever21
Sunglasses - Nylon Magazine
Yeezus Shorts - Dolls Kill
Converse Sneakers - Journeys

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Positive Realm

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What is the significance of keeping a positive mind? To many it may seem trivial, as they already have a million other concerns. The state of your mind is, however, the most relevant factor to anything in which you do. The health and nourishment of your mind is vital to any kind of prosperity, in addition to your general well being. When I say 'positive', this does not mean you must be ecstatic and overjoyed with love for the world at all times; it is healthy to occasionally feel upset and angry. When we think positively, we empower ourselves to take control of our lives. When we empower ourselves, we are no longer allowing life to happen to us; instead we are taking control of life and making it work in a way which best benefits us. When someone says something unkind to me, it is my decision if I allow it to affect me. It is my decision if my thoughts wander off and worry about silly little things. We can choose to focus and interpret the many scenarios and challenges of our everyday life in a way that will either benefit or harm us. When I allow something to anger me or upset me, I am allowing it to weaken me. I am giving up my power to something that is unworthy by focusing my energy and thoughts towards that which does not benefit me and instead brings me down. Why give anything or anyone that sort of power? Some things really are out of our control but by remaining positive and unaffected, we gain back all the control we thought we lost. The true power lays within you. You are the creator of your world.

Crop top - thrifted
Skirt - Forever21
Bracelet - The Laundry Room
Hat - a spontaneous and inspired selection from Bryan's car

Photo credit:
Bryan Ocegueda. Instagram @bry_nn & Tumblr
Kevin Figueroa. &

 photo 35mm_04_zps8aeed947.jpg  photo yrb_1560_zpse16c120a.jpg  photo 35mm_03_zps1800dc12.jpg  photo 35mm_01_zpsc9f6e77d.jpg  photo yrb_1608_zpsf4da1e2b.jpg  photo _AYF8050_zps47099326.jpg  photo yrb_1517_zps21b380ae.jpg  photo _AYF7880_zpsbc336ecf.jpg  photo _AYF7946_zps8ac3b8cd.jpg  photo _AYF8023_zpsb4c7b2cc.jpg  photo 35mm_09_zpsc778f071.jpg  photo yrb_1695_zpsa7093865.jpg  photo yrb_1615_zpsdfdf5162.jpg  photo 35mm_05_zpsb7b74280.jpg

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Favorite Summer Trends

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Wide Pants
1. ASOS, Washed Cropped Wide Leg Pant
2. Rachel Zoe, Ella Braided Wide Leg Jeans
3. Giulietta, Print Sateen Pants

Garden Party
1. ASOS,
2. Free People, Garden Blooms Dress
3. J.Crew, Wildflower Dress

Boho Chic
1. For Love and Lemons
2. ROXY,
3. Free People, ONE Near Perfect Tunic,

Friday, June 6, 2014

Letting Go

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You can't force life to be a certain way. Accepting life for what it is and trusting that everything will work out for the best is really all you can do. By keeping your mind focused on what you want, that which you want will come to you. Imagine yourself standing a few feet away from the edge of a cliff in a dry and barren land, and you are holding onto a rope that is attached to a gigantic rock which is hanging off the cliff. You are trying to take this rock with you along a journey to the green and abundant land in the far yet, visible distance, and so you are pulling this rock with all of the strength inside your body. All while having your eyes set on the destination ahead of you, you are struggling and sweating; your mind is entirely focused on getting this rock over and onto land. The reality of the situation is that you may or may not get this rock over the edge. Either you are able to pull the rock over and drag it for some distance or the rock will pull you over the cliff along with it. Either way, at what point do you decide to let it go? At what point do you realize how irrational it is to carry a giant boulder through a desert when you need to go to green land? I have made a conscious decision to trust the universe and thus, I have let go. I have let go and subsequently, everything has crashed. I dropped all that I was holding onto and I have watched it shatter before me. I am free and while I may not have what I worked so hard to carry with me, I realize the effort wasn't worth the outcome. I am my greatest and most valuable asset, and therefore, I don't wish to control my surroundings and I don't wish to attach myself to anything that will not propel me forward. I just want to be taken to wherever it is that I am meant to go. I trust my fate and I trust myself and that is all I need.

Bob Marley Tee and Denim Shorts - from Misc. Trading Co. in Downtown Fresno, CA
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Denim Jacket - thrifted
Booties - MICHAEL Michael Kors
Belt -

Photo credit - Gary Magill. Follow him @gares and
 photo IMG_5569_zpsf2032174.jpg  photo IMG_5549_zps811e1714.jpg  photo IMG_5629_zps89d23794.jpg  photo IMG_5588_zpsb9383d41.jpg  photo IMG_5498_zpsdd2d25fd.jpg  photo IMG_5635_zpsfb5e1792.jpg

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Perfect Handbags for Summer

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 Today I am starting a new weekly feature of wishlist and must-have items. Summer is right around the corner, and having the perfect handbag companion is so important for looking stylish while efficiently getting the most out of all the vacation getaways, music festivals, and/or backyard kickbacks you are looking forward to. I really find that this season is the best time to go a little crazy with pops of color. Don't be so concerned with matching; just have some fun and add energy and life to all your summer outfits with these playful yet very functional pieces.

The crossbody double zip satchels from Prada and Michael Kors are the ideal shopping and vacationing purses; small and lightweight but large enough to fit your summer book, phone, wallet, tablet, and sunglasses. For the long and grueling hot summer music festivals you need to be organized and prepared for anything but certainly don't want to be carrying a suitcase. The Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip crossbody and Floral shoulder bag from Milloo will allow you to be carefree yet still equipped with all your survival needs.

1. Prada Saffianao Vernice Mini Double-Zip Crossbody Bag in Cobalt Blue
2. Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag in Pastel Pink
3. Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Bag
4. Mackage Novaki Small Crossbody at
5. Oversize Multicolor Clutch made with LEGO bricks at Agabag
6.  MICHAEL Michael Kors Medium Sutton in Saffiano leather
7. Arethusa Floral Shoulder and Crossbody bag at Milloo
8. Kate Spade South Port Avenue Alessa Leather Crossbody bag