Friday, May 9, 2014

Secret Garden

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How do we find tranquility within the chaos that surrounds us everyday? It's those moments when we hear silence while surrounded by noise or see beauty when looking upon desolation that reveal our true optimism and resilience. Have you ever admired the face of someone who is not considered beautiful or began to love a song you did not initially enjoy? You will find that you have these moments because you are focusing on the small details which you appreciate. The details are often times overlooked and go unnoticed yet we can find all that we are searching for within them. We can find love, hope, strength and clarity by focusing on the small things which enrich our lives rather than the big things which burden it. No matter how blessed we find ourselves to be, life will never be a portrait of ideality; something will always be lacking. I often feel overwhelmed by change so I look to things which have remained the same. I refuse to dwell on the uncertainty of what is or what is to come and instead find peace in that which is still certain. All that we want yet feel without is right in front of us; we just need to look a little harder to find it sometimes.

Vintage Romper - from Misc. Trading Co. in downtown Fresno, CA
Follow Misc. on Facebook and Instagram; seriously amazing selection of vintage apparel to choose from.
Hat - Forever 21
Sandals - GC Shoes
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Cocktail Ring - Tsu Tsu Boutique

Photocredit: Gary Magill. Follow him @gares and

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  1. Gorgeous!! I randomly found your blog from a comment you left elsewhere and I live in Fresno too, what a coincidence! I saw Misc and was like whaaat? I live downtown and love that place haha

    Pretty in Python

  2. You are so beautiful!
    Love your style as well.