Friday, April 4, 2014

The Nostalgic Internet Kids

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Lets be real here, this generation is totally weird and I love it! We are known for being shamelessly addicted to social media, undyingly passionate about wanting to relive the 80's and 90's, and having a mild to moderate case of attention deficit disorder. A generation stereotyped as being too restless to read a book and completely consumed by the unimportant minutia of pop culture, we are seen as having no real direction in life. These stereotypes are pretty accurate for the majority of us, however we are not directionless wanderers.

We are the generation that grew up during the dawn of the Information Age, and are commonly referred to as 'Generation Y' or 'The Millenials'. We grew up in a time when the world was undergoing a drastic and sudden transformation due to cultural and technological advancements. As a result of these advancements, we now have an interconnected global society that seamlessly communicates thoughts and ideas for the first time in history. The amount of information we now have at our disposal is limitless. I have the freedom to learn about anything I wish within moments of clicking a button; it's pretty much magic. 

I like to think of this century as 'The Age of Enlightenment Version 2.0'. For the first time, we as individuals have a choice to become and pursue anything we wish. Our goals and dreams are no longer determined by limited resources and possibilities. Because information and our ability to connect with one another is so readily available, personal resources and money no longer confine our reality to a shallow pool of possibilities and opportunities. We are a generation swimming in a deep ocean of reality. And while to many before us it may seem as though we are directionless, going in any which way we see desirable; we are not. We are wanderers but not lost. We are a generation desperately searching for where our full potential may lay and how far it will take us.

The Outfit:
cropped muscle tank - Obey
boyfriend jeans - H&M
holographic heels - Brian Atwood
silver stud necklace - Vince Camuto

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Devon Jacoby Productions 
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  1. I enjoyed reading this post! Its so true what your saying and i think we take for granted how much we can do by a click of a button, it really can be like magic now! Love your top from Obey and them heels really set the outfit off. xo

    1. Oh hey! thanks, so glad you enjoyed this :) I was kinda scared this topic was too nerdy for fashion, so I really appreciate the kind words :D


  2. LOVE your evil eye ring!!

    1. Thank you :) but it's the third eye. I'm all about that wisdom and knowledge, not those evil curses ;) lol