Saturday, March 8, 2014

Inner Free-Spirited Hippie Child

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I am visiting Los Angeles this weekend and am having a great time shopping, dining and dancing. However, some pretty funny things have already occurred and they are reminding me to stay in the spirit of being worry and carefree even in the most trivial events of everyday life. I can't even begin to list the brain blubbers, silly accidents, and mental mishaps that occurred over the course of just my first day on vacation here in LA: I lost my keys, forgot my ID, took a bad detour,  spilled ice water all over myself; the list goes on. Despite all of these aggravating micro incidents that occurred due to some lack of sleep and several hours of driving, the one thing that didn't fail on me was my attitude. Everything was a 'hairflip', a 'silly mistake' and chance to laugh at the problematic moment presented and move forward onto something better.

While this outfit is not from my current LA vacation, it serves as a friendly reminder to enjoy my inner free-spirited hippie child and not let the little things ruin my life. This outfit is all about having fun and being carefree.

 photo Image201of1_zps325ea0e0.jpg  photo Image181of1_zpsef12a008.jpg  photo Image191of1_zps24da5e4f.jpg  photo Image2011of1_zpsa7749873.jpg
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